CIEE at Genomes to/aux Biomes


This introduction to R workshop is presented by the The Canadian Institute of Ecology and Evolution (CIEE) and is held in conjunction with GENOMES TO/AUX BIOMES MONTREAL 2014.Sunday, May 25, 2014. Register here.

In collaboration with Montreal R User groups, we will be the official provider of introductory R workshops. Before coming to to the workshop, please have a look at the getting started with R document.

You will need your laptop with R and RStudio installed.

Script files can be downloaded here on github here and the github repo can be access here.


Section 1: Intro to R

  •     The R command line
  •     Using R as a calculator
  •     Objects
  •     Functions
  •     Seeking help
  •     Installing packages


Section 2: Data and Projects in R-Studio

  •     Creating a project in R-Studio
  •     Creating data that is appropriate for use with R
  •     Data formats
  •     Common mistakes
  •     Looking at your data
  •     Exporting data

Section 3: Publication Quality Plotting in R

  •     Your first (great) R plot
  •     Grammar of graphics
  •     More advanced plots
  •     Available plot elements and when to use them
  •     Saving a plot
  •     Fine tuning your plot
  •     Themes

Section 4: A la Carte (time permitting) !

Check back here for slides and accompanying material for this workshop.


About lowdecarie

I am a Lecturer at the University of Essex. I strive to combine fundamental questions in ecology and evolution with pragmatic questions and applications.
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