rheroOur workshop series introduces users to the power of R and helps them overcome the steepest part of the R learning curve (getting started).

By the end of the series, all users will be able to load their data into R, produce a beautiful plot and will be completely addicted to using their new R super powers.

The series consists of three 2-3 hours segments (single day or over a few days).

The workshops can be tailored to any level and, in the time of the workshops, we can get people that are nearly computer illiterate to producing plots in R with their own data.

Contact us to discuss pricing and arrange for a workshop at your institution.

We also offer introductory workshops on a number of other topics:

  • RStudio
  • Version Control (git)
  • Regular expressions
  • Command line tools
  • Data cleaning
  • Tools for numerical simulation

Nous offrons aussi nos ateliers en Français!

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